Current commands on the server are listed here.

Command Requirement Alias Info
/{skill} Guest
Shows info on skill
/afk Royal
Sets afk status
/back Guest
Return to previous location/death point
/balance Guest /bal Shows current balance
/balanctop Guest /baltop Shows list of highest balances
/clearinventory Myth /ci Clears the inventory
/condense Veteran
Condenses items into block form
/cr claim Guest
Claim missed crate prizes
/crazyauction Guest /ca,/ah Opens auction house
/crazyauction sell Member /ah sell,/ca sell Lists an item for sale in the auction house
/delhome Guest
Deletes the specified home
/disposal Legend
Opens a disposal GUI
/enderchest Legend /ec,/echest Opens your enderchest
/exp Legend
Shows current experience level/amount
/extinguish Royal /ext Extinguishes the player
/feed Fable
Fully saturates the player
/fly Fable
Enables fly mode
/friend add Guest
Sends a friend request to specified player
/friend delete Guest
Deletes a friend from your friendlist
/friend deny Guest
Deny a friend request
/friend gift Guest
Send held item to specified friend
/friend help Guest
Friends help
/friend msg Guest
Sends message to specified friend
/friend tp Guest
Teleports player to specified friend
/fs Myth
GUI used to adjust fly speed
/hat Supreme
Moves held item to helmet armor slot
/heal Myth
Heals the player
/help Guest
Shows help text
/home Guest /h Lists homes or teleports player to home if one is specified
/in Guest
Command help
/invsee Fable
See inside specified players inventory
/jobs browse Guest
Shows jobs GUI
/jobs info Guest
Info on jobs actions
/jobs join Guest
Join the specified job
/jobs leave Guest
Leave the specified job
/jobs leaveall Guest
Leave all joined jobs
/jobs stats Guest
Stats on specified job
/jobs top Guest
Top players in specified job
/jump Deity
Teleports player to the location which they are looking at
/kit Guest
Gives player the specified kit
/kits Guest /k Shows kits GUI
/lock Guest
Allows player to lock containers and doors
/lottery buy Member
Buys specified amount of lottery tickets
/lottery gui Member
Shows the lottery GUI
/lottery status Member
Prints the lotteries current status
/mail Guest
Mailing system
/mail read Guest
Read recieved mail
/mail send Guest
Send mail to another player
/mctop Guest
Shows top players in specified skill
/me Survivalist
Expresses an action in chat
/message Guest /msg,/tell Private message system
/near Survivalist
Prints list of other players in the specified radius of player
/nick Supreme
Sets a nickname for the player
/pay Guest
Sends the specified amount of $ to the speified player
/ranks Guest
Shows rank up GUI
/realname Guest
See the real username of a player (not nickname)
/repair Supreme
Repair held item
/rtp Guest /wild Randomly teleports the player in the current world
/seen Seasoned
When the specified player was last seen
/sell Deity
Sell the item in your hand
/sethome Guest
Sets the specified home at current location and p/y
/setwarp Fable
Sets the specified warp at current location and p/y
/spawn Guest
Teleports the player to spawn
/split Myth
Splits all enchants from a held book into seperate books
/time Thrivalist
Shows in-game time
/top Supreme
Teleports player to the top block at their x/z location
/tpask Guest /tpa Request to teleport to specified player
/tpaccept Guest
Accept a teleport request

Request that a player be teleported to you
/trails gui Guest /trails Opens the trails GUI
//# Royal Opens the specified vault
/warp Seasoned
Teleports player to specified warp
/warps Guest /w Opens warp GUI
/withdraw Guest
Withdraws specified amount of money to item form
/workbench Veteran /ewb,/craft,//c Opens a virtual crafting table
/wv no Guest
Adds a "no" vote to the current weather vote
/wv sun Seasoned
Starts a weather vote, changing the weather to sun if successful
/wv yes Guest
Adds a "yes" vote to the current weather vote
/xpbottle Deity
Withdraws specified amount of xp to item form
/staff Guest Shows current staff list
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